I am Terver Aosu a Full Stack Software Developer, freelancer and chief coder at truetech, I stay in the beautiful city of Abuja, Nigeria.

My journey into software began while doing my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University, It was then I started tinkering with code. After my graduation, I decided to go all-in doing what I have developed a love for - coding!, Since then I have worked at two technology firms as a developer and with several clients, building solutions for their businesses.

My work saw him using several web technologies such as JavaScript, Node, Express, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Laravel, React/Redux, React Native, Git, Firebase, SQL, MySql, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and much more. I current work remotely, and I am loving it.

Think Big, But Start Small. Terver Aosu

When not writing code, I write my thoughts in blogs on Dev, Hashnode and Medium, listens to podcast and read books on a variety of topics such as tech, business, finance, gospel, I talk at tech events, mentors newbies and teach coding at CareerFoundry.

I am happily married to the 💖 of my life.

Thank You for stopping by!